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rhubarb_outloudv1You are invited to celebrate Rhubarb 39, our Dis/Ability issue on
Wednesday, September 7, at 7:30 Sam’s Place, 159 Henderson Highway.
Lara Rae of the Winnipeg Comedy festival, will host :
Angeline Schellenberg, Ruth Enns, Kevin Spenst (by Skype from Vancouver)
Jim Derksen and Dianne Driedger. R39 Editor Bernice Friesen will also join us by Skype.
Free admission. A collection basket will be available for suggested donations of up to $10.00.
Rhubarb will also be on sale for $10.00, $2.00 off the cover price.

Rhubarb is published by the Mennonite Literary Society, Inc., with project support for this issue from individual donors, the Province of Manitoba, the Winnipeg Arts Council, the Manitoba Arts Council/Manitoba Writers’ Guild, and the Winnipeg Foundation. There is free parking beside Sam’s, and a bus stop right in front. Do not be afraid to cross the Disraeli Bridge!

Contact: Victor Enns, victor@rhubarbmag.com for more information.

The Idea Factory

This weekend I was thinking of ideas that would prevent me from skinning my knuckles in a cheese/carrot grater, and a way to use compressed air or pneumatic/hydraulics for lifting wheelchairs a short height, like the one to the stage at Sam’s Place. I figure the good people at Sam’s will likely find something to work as a ramp, but ramps take up so much space. What if it worked like a heavy-duty air mattress that inflates for the chair to gain access a short vertical distance. Checking google there are any number of people working on these solutions.

Safe Graters
The one on the right, would be the safest that’s currently on the market. I worry that over time the crank and its wheel would get clogged and would be hard to clean.
grater microplane-34006_t
Safe Grater Image Judge
I like the look of the Microplane Graters, but they hardly qualify as safe….unless you use on of these gloves.

A separate post about the new developments in wheelchair and accessibility designs is warranted and will follow soon.

Victor Enns writes poetry, reads,and reviews fiction. Boy (Hagios 2012) was published in May, and Lucky Man, (Hagios 2005) was short-listed for the McNally Robinson Book of the Year Award.

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