From the heyday of the sixties, actually the early seventies in Winnipeg, there’s an oft repeated story. A philosophy exam had only one question. “Why?” Everybody got to work, except for one student who made sure his name was on the exam paper properly and wrote “Why Not?” The prof awarded him an A. Another student, instead of writing a paper, jumped in front of a prof’s car. Screeching to a stop the startled prof just nudged the student.  This experience the student submitted as his essay on existentialism. His prof awarded him a B.

I’m having a below the left knee amputation on April 5th as the best choice for me to be in the world. Poor cartilage genetics run in the family, all three of us sibs with some form of disc degenerative disease and arthritic joints. In my foot this led to loss of all soft tissue that might hold my ankle together, or up. Ankle fusion was tried, but the experiment failed; one of three out of three hundred by my foot surgeon. It’s too late now for an ankle replacement, a a long shot now, with substantial implications for recovery time and the chance that amputation would then be necessary if the results were the same as the failed ankle fusion. 

The loss of my left foot will provide a potential pain reduction, and a better quality of life by being able to walk. This All Terrain Knee Walker will keep me moving!  https://www.gofundme.com/victorenns-ca

I spend most of my time in a wheelchair. I’m grateful to the Society for Manitobans with Disabilities, for providing one for me. The SMD don’t carry Knee-Walkers, and the smaller ones can be dangerous. I know, I have used one before, check my background photo on my Facebook Page. So that’s why I’ve opted to open a GoFundMe page. There may actually be a fund-raising event, but I’m still looking for a venue, and time is running out. I won’t be able to use the knee-walker  immediately, and will practice once I have my prosthesis. For now I figure my best chances to do stan-up-poetry and sit-down comedy are before my amputation.



February 4, 2017

My left foot offends me I say cut it off, I’ll take my chances with my remains
propped up by phantoms, prescriptions and prosthesis, I will never be any more lame.
Give me a bounce like Tigger, a dance like Calvin’s, and a song like bp nichol, just leave
me one leg to stand on, and  fire in my brain to keep moving, I’ll let you know
when my ashes need hauling.




Victor Enns reads and writes poetry and fiction. Afghanistan Confessions, poems in the voice of Canadian soldiers, was published in 2014, boy in 2012. Lucky Man (2005) was nominated for the McNally Robinson Manitoba Book of the Year award.

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