As I return to my website I wish to alert you of some new buttons to push and what might reveal itself  if you do. Here for example I start a new category under each fictional project including: notes to myself,  characters still on the cooker, definitions,  historical details, journal excerpts, letters, emails, jokes, bad jokes, playlists and  some edited recordings. This will be more or less the same for each heading. Today it’s my free blog tomorrow it will move to under Susann with 2nns Tab

CHAFF came to me when I was looking for another useful subhead. Not terribly original, but worked for me hear under Susann with 2nns because her biography was going to be called “against the grain,” then there’s Grain magazine, a grain of salt, Robert Stead’s Grain, and a pillar of salt for starters.

Chaff from Susann with 2 nns will include my journal “As she lay dying,” with poems from then used as “Diversionary Tactics,” and excerpts from my one entry in the Three-Day Novel Writing contest, The Dead Mother,” referring to the emotional state, but really a riff on Donald Barthleme’s The Dead Father.

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