2015 – Afghanistan Confessions (Hagios Press, November 2014)
2012 – boy (Hagios Press)
2005 – Lucky Man (Hagios Press)
Nominated for McNally Robinson Manitoba Book of the Year Award
1985 – Correct in this Culture (5th House Publishing)
1979 – Jimmy Bang Poems (Turnstone)

The Complete Jimmy Bang Poems; 1979 to 2019
(Post-production, waiting for a publisher)
Music for Men Over Fifty; Poems of Love and Surgery
Production, 1st draft complete, 2nd draft ready April 30, 2018, third draft submitted to Radiant Press in Regina July 4th, 2018.
pain room (pre-production, interdisciplinary project, collaboration with Murray Toews,
illustrated, animated novel, production begins July 1st)
Involuntary Tongue
short-listed for the Robert Kroetsch Innovation Poetry Prize, Snare,
Multi-disciplinary project, incomplete)

Anthology Publications
2007 – A/cross sections, New Manitoba Writing (MWG, Winnipeg) 2 poems
2000 – 2000% Cracked Wheat (Coteau, Regina), 2 poems
1987 – A Sudden Radiance (Coteau Regina), 2 poems
1980 – Draft (Turnstone, Winnipeg) 2 poems

Journal & Magazine publications & broadcasts

2019 – Forthcoming, (Formerly Known as) Music for Men Over Fifty: Songs of Love and Surgery (Radiant Press)
2017 – Publisher, Mennonite Literary Society, 29 Mennonite Poets, 9 Mennonite Stories,
            11 Encounters with Mennonite Fiction
2016   – Audio Producer, Podcasts, Rhubarb Out Loud, Publisher Rhubarb Dis/Ability Issue
2015 – 2018 Poems from “Jimmy Bang Blues Project,” Transition Magazine
2015 – “George and I listen to you complain”  SubTerrain
2012 – “Waiting for Dr. Hammond,” Shot Glass Journal (US)
2012 – “Afghanistan Confession 117,” Cottonwood Magazine, University of Kansas
2012 – “Involuntary Tongue” excerpt, U.K. on-line journal SpudGun
2012 – Poetry is Dead, Several “Afghanistan Confessions”
2011 – “Afghanistan Confessions 10 &11” Red River Review (online, US)
2011 – from boy, 2 poems, in Ph’atitude Summer Sixties special issue (POD, US)
2011 – Rattle Magazine (California) 2 “Afghanistan Confessions,”          
2011 – Involuntary Tongue excerpt, U.K. online journal sein und werden
2008 – Poetry in Motion, Winnipeg Transit, June (from Afghanistan Confessions)
2007 – cv2; 4 poems & an interview Prairie Fire; 2 poems; dANDelion; 5 letters from
           “Abject Alphabet,” Grain; 5 letters from “Abject Alphabet”
1990s – CBC Radio, poetry and commentaries; Winnipeg, local and national
1990s-   Fiction reviews, Winnipeg Free Press, Winnipeg Review
1986-1989 – Member of Correction Line, performed The Home Show
                        directed by dramaturge Rex Deverell in Regina
1985 – multi-disciplinary piece, my words from “Mother Tongue” portion of Correct in this Culture, choreography by Robin Potiras,
Danced by New Dance Horizons, photography by Richard Gustin, remount at NDH 2015 anniversary celebrations

Professional Work Experience
2014- 2017       Publisher, Executive Editor              Rhubarb magazine
2006 – 2014    Publications & Arts Consultant        Culture Heritage & Tourism
2005                Program Consultant                            Arts Stabilization Manitoba
2001-2005      Executive Director                               Winnipeg Film Group
2000                Administrator                                       Manitoba Periodicals Association
1997 – 2000    Founder & Editor                                Rhubarb Magazine
1993 – 1997    Executive Director                                Manitoba Arts Council
1992                Performing Arts & Touring Officer    Manitoba Arts Council
1991                General Manager                                   Rainbow Stage
1988- 1991     General Manager                                   Globe Theatre (Regina)
1982 – 1986    Executive Director                              Saskatchewan Writers Guild  

1959 – Hernia
1960 – Tonsils, Adenoids removed
1969 – Hip Pinned
1970 – Appendix removed
1971 – Pins removed
2009 – Ankle fracture, plated & screwed
2012 – Left foot-bone fusion
2013 – Right foot-bone fusion,
2013 – Left hip full replacement
2014 – Right Hip full replacement
2015 – Left Ankle fusion
2016 – Left Ankle fusion fails
2018 – Left below the knee amputation April 5, 2018

Depression Chronology
1955- Born, predisposition to mental illness and lousy cartilage genetics
1960 – 1967 Bullied in small town
1965 – Sexually assaulted at knife-point
1969 – 3 months of pain, neglected, surgery, hip pinned
1972 – Teenage Runaway, Yonge St (two weeks)
1974 – Teenage marriage
1976 – First Acute Depression Diagnosis
1979 –  Alcoholism, divorce, Jimmy Bang Poems
1982 – Second marriage
1984 – Second major depressive episode
1985 – Seek treatment after diagnosis, sober & healthy 1986-1991
1991 – A hellish year at Rainbow Stage, back in treatment
1992 – Start over at Manitoba Arts Council, Executive Director in 1993
              off medication and talk therapy
1995 – Son has brain tumour, removed successfully, radiation treatments
1997 – Third major depressive episode,
1st separation, out of paying work for 3 years, independent psychiatrist verifies mental illness, sued insurer
1998 – Depression now chronic, anxiety revealed as mania/ocd; in treatment, combination of meds and talk therapy get me back to work in
2000 – med cocktail and talk therapy allow me to remain productive into future, marriage fails divorced 2005

2007 – third marriage

2016 – Third marriage fails
2017 – Testosterone therapy begins, energy returns
2018 – Slight revisions to meds give me more daily productivity, as does the end of Rhubarb publication 

The Writers’ Union of Canada, League of Canadian Poets, Lake Winnipeg Writers’ Group,
Manitoba Writers’ Guild.

Volunteer Service
Publisher, Executive editor of Rhubarb, 2014 – 2017, International Peace Gardens Writer-in-Residence 2017, Gimli Klean All Laundry Poet-in-Residence, Envoi Literary Foundation, 2015 Envoi Poetry Festival, Manitoba Writers’ Guild, Rhubarb magazine, Mennonite Literary Society, Symposium on Manitoba Writing, Symposium on Saskatchewan Writing; ACCESS copyright, League of Canadian Poets, Saskatchewan Arts Alliance

Note: Inclusion of “day-job” professional work experience, surgery, depression chronology demonstrates my capacity to produce at a high level, with disabilities.

SUMMARY BIO – Victor Enns -2018
Victor Enns graduated from the University of Manitoba in 1979 with a History/English major including the advanced creative writing workshop with Robert Kroetsch, which led to the publication of his first poetry collection, Jimmy Bang Poems (Turnstone 1979). A founding Board member of the Manitoba Writers’ Guild, he was the Executive Director of the Saskatchewan Writers’ Guild from 1982 – 1988.

Correct in this Culture (5th House) was published in 1985. His most recent collection, Afghanistan Confessions, poems in the voices of Canadian soldiers, was released in November 2014. boy, was published by Hagios Press in Regina in 2012. Lucky Man, (Hagios, 2005) was nominated for the McNally Robinson Manitoba Book of the Year Award.

A new poetry collection edited by Sharon Thesen will be published by Radiant Press in fall 2019.





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