10:00 pm March 16, 2017; updated Friday March 17th from 8:45 to 10:00 a.m.

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To my doctors, head to toe:

Right now: flurry of pins and needles, pain in left foot held at bay say 3 (From 1 to 10) by 10mgs of Percocet when I should have only taken 5mg. More pain today generally everywhere re weather change?
Last week: Left foot pain starts to return after cortisone shot. Figured this out by how I walked up the steps to the house. Back to one foot at time, dragging the left as before the shot. More pain at the front and back and on top of foot, also higher up on left side.
2 weeks ago: a pretty good week foot-wise. I started walking up the steps putting weight on alternate feet. What I had thought was a balance problem, or an icy step problem, had at its root my body’s desire to protect my left foot by not putting weight on it. Also my foot was usually straighter (noticed barefoot inside) to walk, rather than way duck walk, and often dragged.
Ankle injection3:weeks ago 24 hours after the shot all seemed to be well certainly ankle wise what hurt was the top of the foot, and higher up on the left side (top of fibula?). Hopeful.Analysis: three weeks exactly we’re back where we started with left foot,
Next steps: (ha).
*Orthopedic boots from the ground up. I am getting a lot of strange callous on my heels that could be walking/brace related. If my legs not quite the same length compensations can be made and the actual insoles could help with my stance and balance.
*If ankle replacement is a non-starter, I consider amputation as a good option.
It’s not the surgeries I mind to make good attempts to fix a bad ankle, but the amount of downtime after. I know about phantom pain. As it is, often I need to look at my feet to see if I’m wearing braces, shoes or socks. Is there also phantom neuropathy? After amputation I can look and see which foot I’m missing.

More poly-neuropathic pain at nighttime, from toes to mid calf or knee. Not every night, no pattern.
I have experienced pain in different parts of my body in the last two weeks. Knees now usually at bedtime, not so unusual. Arthritic pain.
Perhpas in sympathy with my sister who has knee replacement surgery scheduled for April 25, 2017.
Next Steps: None. We have a baseline x-ray, and don’t need to have another look for quite a while.
My sister’s in line to have hers replaced.

Main pain-centre most days (today the left ankle wins). It runs across my back, kidney to kidney (just as locator, note) down my right side to my hip, dividing to my buttock and flank, and the other down the inside of my groin to my scrotum, sometimes my right testicle swells to the size of a regular sized mandarin orange, CT Scan imaging shows considerable degeneration, loss of cartilage. My back has several issues related to my bad cartilage genetics. Problems include spondylolisthesis

Spondylos – vertebra; lysis – break; listhesis – slip.spondy

Spondylolisthesis is a condition that occurs when one vertebra slips forward over the vertebra below it. There are different types of spondylolisthesis – congenital spondylolisthesis, isthmic spondylolisthesis, dysplastic spondylolisthesis, degenerative spondylolisthesis and pathologic spondylolisthesis. This condition affects the lower vertebrae and is a painful condition.

(Wiki for spelling, and then the article seemed to cover many of my symptoms) Deterioration in enough places you’ll need to look at the report. The damage at L5 may be causing the biggest pain by pinching the nerve implicated in the pain location and  reduces my ability to sit for more than hour, which I prefer to do when I am writing. The spinal cord is shown to be ok.

Tests so far include blood-work, hands-on palpitation, xray, ct-scan and ultrasound, without finding my sugars or PSAs out of whack or locating kidney stones, infection or confirming hernia.

Next steps:
* Prostate exam, maybe in context of full physical.
*&Testicle exam, ultrasound
*Consider back brace.
*Review Medication. Increase Gapapentin? Consider Nabilone or Savitex?
*Put Nabumetone back in my medication routine. It’s an old NSAID that was effective prior to my last surgery. I just stopped renewing it, take more Tylenol. It’s $64 and needs a letter of exemption or inclusion from whoever decides these things.
*Additional Pain mitigation strategies (Distraction, Currently Meditation Based Stress Reduction, therapy pets)
*Pain relief adequate? Does productivity count, as in time spent upright getting things done? Walker and Wheelchair in use inside the house, grocery carts while shopping.

Incompetent Heart ValveHeart:
Flutter now joined by diagnosed “incompetent heart.” ok incompetent heart valve.
Not much to do about either, but watch for changes. Taking 2.5 mg morning and again at night for 5mg of a Beta Blocker, Busperinol (?) and one baby ASA daily.

Hands and Elbows:

Hands a constant, sometimes easy to see with red knuckles, preferring exercises to gauntlets but use both. I usually can’t sit to type long enough for the gauntlet’s to give relief that they do over several hours, driving is the same. THEN Out of the blue, infuriating to wake up one morning with 6-7 pain in my damn elbows! Never before. Now sometimes I notice mild aches. Fri.March 17; The damn elbows again! Vicious! Weather? What? Currently also use Diclofenac for external application on hands, I imagine I can use it on my elbows?

Next steps: Elbow Baseline x-ray?

Current difficulties
I am having more trouble looking after myself and the housekeeping is not up for anyone’s seal of approval, not even mine. I was at the grocery store and a stranger caught my wince picking up some coffee from a bottom shelf, and sotto voce exclamation (usually “Ah, Shit!” outside of the house) and asked if I was alright. Yes I said, “just a touch of arthritis.” All of this, though, adding to depression. My Dad lived to be 91 with all his original parts. The thought of living another 25 years with varying degrees of pain is daunting. And I don’t mean “aches and pains “ common to aging. I really had no idea what Chronic Pain was until it was happening to me.




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