My angels are ideas that never stop, even when I’d prefer to rest. My angels are an idea factory. I have ideas as often as most men under 50 think about sex. I’ve had to reconsider the possibility of how many ideas I need to research, resource, and realize. So I will pen them up instead on this new page The Idea Catalogue.
some ideas from 2014 and 2015:

  • Envoi Poetry Festival
  • Envoi Publishing & Productions
  • Random Acts of Poetry
  • Power Poetry breakfasts (Pan Am Boxing club) Poetry Punch Up
  • Men’s Poetry Breakfasts Comedy? Or a more serious Why Poetry Sucks convo
  • Poetry Crawl – on the Avenue ({Portage and Provencher) on the Main
  • Envoi Books (non-profit stores)
  • Envoi Poetry Agency
  • Manitoba Poetry Week
  • Library Tour Fundraiser
  • YouTube or Vimeo of celebrities and everyday people reading or reciting poetry
  • Poetry welcome here signs, qualifying merchants ($25) and for home owners ($20) qualifying them for random Acts of Poetry

  • Envoi white t-shirts with do-gooder on the back
  • Home Routes Poetry Program – 5 evening during poetry week, and a rural and a northern tour?
  • Pain level meter – a patch you place where it hurts and gives a reading from 0 to 10, using settings particular to your body before first use
  • paper made with my ashes and printed with my last poem….. maybe Kroetsch’s envoi….let the stars shine in our bones

And the first months of 2016

    • Idea Factory
    • Idea Catalogue
    • magnetic cold compress socks, with the magnets attaching to any metal in your limbs
    • become a sit-down comedian using all my mobility aids as props = stand-up poetry tm
    • iPhone screens adjusts to eyesight of user
    • New Mennonite Cookbook (passed to Lois Braun) MLS fundraiser?
    • Illustrations for my southern Manitoba novels
    • Novel about Harry Nilsson (short story?)
    • boiled potato, corn in water timers (like the egg timers)
    • Klean-All Laundry Poet-in-Residence, Contest
    • Rhubarb Out-loud
        The 49th Parallel, a revelatory interdisciplinary exposition of southern Manitoba from 1867 to 2017 in three parts using literary, visual, dramatic, media and digital arts set in Boundary Manitoba, a collobaration of over six artists including Victor Enns

      • Left-handed piano, bass keys on the right
      • Higher wheelchairs instead of lower counters






  • -Man-Made
  • -T-shirt
  • Small-scale Solar powered refrigeration
  • first use for storage units holding garbage bins


keyfob powerbank one end usb on the other

  • The 49th Parallel




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