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Susann with 2ns 2

Impatience Vic was a good-looking, handsome, healthy boy. Impatience was and still seems to be one of his characteristics. I used the carriage downstairs for his noon naps and the crib upstairs for the night. One September day I had put him to sleep in the carriage and left it in the living room. He […]

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Something I read today. Monster Seeks Minder This essay starts someplace and goes somewhere else. The hyperlinked Paris Review essay may explain what  I know I need to do, and am getting to, likely too late …but the conflation of being a sexual predator where it starts, as a man a monstrous man to make art, whereas all […]

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SUSANN STARTS SCHOOL My parents were now well established at their new location, having lived here since 1923. My brother Martin was the only one born at this place–and that at home in the “house end” of a large barn. The new house was located on Buffalo Creek with the east-west road running past our […]

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50th Parallel on the waterfront

Recalibrating I am settling in to my new home on 1st Avenue in the Waterfront Front Centre, handicapped accessible, built and managed by the Betel Home Foundation. The Life Leases have the benefit of the view at the front of the building; I have the benefit of living close to the water, five floors up […]

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My Life is More of a Gravel Road, Really

Sunday Drive along the 49th Parallel My brother took us for a Sunday drive running parallel to the 49th parallel visiting his birth place in Killarney,  the remains of Whitewater and Lena, and the remains of our paternal grandparents and uncle in the Lena cemetery. Lots of gravel roads, and reminiscing about differing memories. Margaret […]

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Good Morning 49!

Good day Sunshine! Another perfect day in the Peace Garden. Here also my bedroom faces mostly east. And the front door faces west. No matter what happens in the morning by mid-afternoon, it’s all sunlight, and hot as the blazes. My thanks to IPG CEO Garry Enns for providing accommodations.  It’s cooler in the bedrooms […]

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All along the 49th Parallel

My stay smack dab in the middle of the universe, in the Peace Garden, all along the 49th Parallel is coming to end. My last day “in person” as Writer-in-Residence is tomorrow from 11 until 3 in the IPG Interpretive Center unless appointments are made. I will continue to work with any writers that approach […]

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Sharing Stories along the 49th Parallel

Writers are beginning to emerge here, on the 49th parallel, approaching me as a Writer-in-Residence at the International Peace Garden situated between Boissevain, Manitoba and Dunseith, North Dakota, sharing their stories. I have begun reading their work and will provide the desired feedback over the next two weeks. For others wanting to get in on […]

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Along the 49th Parallel

DREAMCATCHERS ALONG THE 49TH TONIGHT July 29, 2017 An energetic crew of singers, dancers, and actors performed in the Masonic Auditorium at the International Peace Gardens. While it felt a bit like an “Up with People” for the 21st century, there were significant differences. The material was developed in interviews and workshops across Canada as […]

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Along the 49th Parallel: Burrowing Owls on the Prairie

Seven pairs of burrowing owls were transferred to three release sites in May in Turtle Mountain and West Souris River Conservation Districts. The Manitoba Burrowing Owl Recovery Program received a three-year grant through Species at Risk Partnerships on Agricultural Lands (SARPAL) to start work earlier this year and those that follow. Release pens are used […]

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