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My Playlist February 2018

Having replaced my stereo needle, my stylus for my turntable, I am listening to my record albums when I’m in my writing studio. My awesome Monsoon computer speaker system is falling apart, past the point the where Bob at the Columbia Radio repair shop (1151 Sanford) can put it together again. Bach partita no.5 in […]

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My Left Foot

The word amputation makes us flinch After a rare year without surgery I have a below the left knee amputation scheduled at the HSC on March 26, 2018. My left foot can bear no weight, and I have plenty. The foot is ever more deformed; this picture goes back to August. Stage Four Flat Foot […]

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Let’s Talk One; Monday November 12, 2017

Housekeeping interuptus   Assigned Task: Empty the dishwasher. Leave my desk, turning around in my wheelchair, remembering I have empty cups and mugs on my desk. I turn back pick them up. Take them to the dining room table. Notice salt and pepper shakers waiting to be filled. Before rolling into the kitchen on to […]

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One of the reasons I like Mingus/Like Listening to Mingus

Ted Curson, Trumpet: After a yearlong stint with Cecil Taylor that resulted in one concert and a recording for United Artists (Love For Sale, 1959 or 1957 [depending on who one asks]), Curson joined Charles Mingus in a quartet in 1960, with reedman Eric Dolphy as a foil. “I got a phone call from a […]

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Something I read today. Monster Seeks Minder This essay starts someplace and goes somewhere else. The hyperlinked Paris Review essay may explain what  I know I need to do, and am getting to, likely too late …but the conflation of being a sexual predator where it starts, as a man a monstrous man to make art, whereas all […]

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Some Things = Quality of Life

As I set up house-keeping, here’s some things I can not do without in my kitchen. A Pyrex two cup measure. A pitcher or jug, a juicer. The blender is perfect without taking up a lot of room. Biggest success with it early on has been pureeing leek and potato soup. Heck, I might  even […]

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50th Parallel on the waterfront

Recalibrating I am settling in to my new home on 1st Avenue in the Waterfront Front Centre, handicapped accessible, built and managed by the Betel Home Foundation. The Life Leases have the benefit of the view at the front of the building; I have the benefit of living close to the water, five floors up […]

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Dream Illustrated

Dream from the archives. Doctor explaining the pain in my back. Images by Murray Toews.

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Drums and Bass Part 2

BASS I heard Dave Young play in Winnipeg if memory serves with Lenny Breau in the early seventies at the WAG Richardson Auditorium. He’s been back to Winnipeg, if not as often as I would like. The most recent album of his that I am enjoying now is One Way Up (feat. Renee Rosnes), with […]

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