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Revelation The light on the road to Chicago turns us toward each other, stories full in our mouths. There is room in the Volkswagen for what we need, growing in the music of Al Green and Norah Jones. Reaching ahead of our selves, we hold hands as the dusk settles her skirt around us, we […]

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Roommate Bed 4

Roy has a spinal injury as a result of  fall in his bathroom. He hit his head and his back, badly damaging three vertebrae requiring surgery. He and Eugene have been here in room 525 the longest.  Roy is nearly ready to go home, likely by the beginning of September. His home is in Beausejour, […]

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My (New) Left Foot

My new left foot is resisting me, or me it, more likely.  I will write down the instructions for putting it on, because I always forget something. Today my walker, my extra liner socks, and my shoe for the right foot. Those are just things, and easy to retrieve. I need them to do the […]

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My Daily Fog

Monday night Just back from a meeting of diverse theatre artists with disabilities from neophytes to working professionals planning for the “Lame is” cabaret September 14 and 15, presented by the sick and twisted theatre company, Deb Paterson Artistic Director.  There were at least a dozen of us, working out ideas and groups.  I deviated from […]

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My New Left Foot

Walking Here I am showing off for my daughter and her phone camera. This is as good as it gets, until tomorrow, day after tomorrow, day after that as I become more accustomed to my new leg and new left foot. There are no fancy $10,000 mechanics and electronics, and it’s heavy, considering that part […]

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Quotation and Recommended Reading

The Letterwriter “If I am out of my mind, it’s all right with me,” thought Moses Herzog.  Some people thought he was cracked and for a time he himself had doubted that he was all there. But n0w, though he still behaved oddly, he felt confident, cheerful, clairvoyant and     strong. He had fallen under a […]

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I can’t complain, but I do.

RE FA AND ANTIFA from the vault, 1985 Fifth House, Saskatoon Me n him busting a move! CORRECT IN THIS CULTURE right thinking, thinking like us us thinking we’re left looking forward: our future, our children ourselves, our bodies assuming the correct posture, but not a pose cameras are permissible, but only to gather evidence, […]

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Doing, Not Being, There

Waiting I’ve submitted my new poetry manuscript Music For Men Over Fifty: Songs of Love and Surgery, being called Love and Surgery for short. Now as the song goes “Waiting is the hardest part,” I’m also waiting for a prosthesis, first measurements on Friday at Lawson Prosthetic, 610 Ellice Ave. in Winnipeg. I’m also waiting […]

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My left foot has been amputated. To my surprise,  a great deal of my left foot pain has been eradicated. I didn’t expect it, and most health professionals, and people with lived experienced with amputation, didn’t either. I could no longer walk on my left foot, switching it out for a prosthetic will allow me […]

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  Several noteworthy deaths last week, including my cousin, two celebrity suicides, and two Manitobans who made a difference. Roland Penner, whose father was a communist and elected Winnipeg Alderman was originally from Gretna, Manitoba. His father and brother left the Communist party when they learned about Stalin’s atrocities. Roland Penner was an elected member […]

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