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Jimmy Bang No Shoe Blues

JIMMY BANG’S NO SHOE BLUES (Alternate Version)* I’ve given up my cigarettes and whisky too I’ve given up my cigarettes and whisky too for pain, painkillers, pets and you. You know why I get mad, you know why I get sad; but I’ve stopped throwing tantrums, or dishes – that’s dumb. Barely have patience for

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I crash my wheelchair into the dresser, my mirror jumps, sweeps the cds off the top of the stereo lands just so, not breaking, landing enough on the bed not to shatter, but shaking loose in the frame, with nothing to reflect except the spackled ceiling. My mirror rests, no more selves to see, nothing

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My birth story as told by Susann with 2nns

When I was due to arrive I went to Winnipeg to stay at my second “home” – the Fasts. It took our baby Vic. three weeks to decide to make it into this world. During these weeks I did a lot of walking. I walked all the way from 21 Emily Street, where the Fasts

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Introduction  I return to my website to alert you to of some new buttons to push and what might reveal itself  if you do. Here for example I start a new category under each fictional project including: notes to myself,  characters still on the cooker, definitions,  historical details, journal excerpts, letters, emails, jokes, bad jokes,

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I’ve been away from my dear website, off chasing rainbows with delusional projects I can’t persuade arts agency  jurors to support. Usually they’ve never seen anything like it before, are suspicious of old dogs with new tricks, or they underestimate what I can do while still being chronically depressed and ill with lousy cartilage genetics,

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How I became Susann I was born on February 3, 1921 on a very blustery day about four miles southwest of Altona in a village that used to be called Blumenhof, which does not exist any more, only the cemetery is there. In those days doctors had to be called in by horse and sleigh

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Libby’s Crunchola

Published: April 2, 2018 | Edit I’m making this now.  Lynn and me enjoyed this granola on one of our Toronto sleepovers visiting friends Ian and Iarra in their Runcesvaille home. Ian got this recipe from Libby. I eat a lot of porridge most mornings and this is a lovely change still using a lot

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Recommended Reading

“The Beautiful West and the Beloved by God.” So now post medication and looking through pages (many dog-eared) again I am struck by a book in two halves that can’t live without each other. Helen Humphrey has her latest start with an auto-fiction exploration of how she came to write A Machine Without Horses, And

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BREATHING THROUGH MY EARS My listening continues to gravitate to classical recordings with heady mix of jazz and blues and rock. Late string quartets by Shubert and Beethoven have my attention, as does Shubert’s Piano Sonata in G reaching for peace. Schubert and Beethoven’s late quartets were a revelation, thanks to Tom Allen and CBC.

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Conversation with George 6

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