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Follow me as I learn to walk with a prosthetic leg and left foot.

My Daily Fog

short k Hearing the k move from text messages, short for ok, to everyday speech, said quickly and shortly from the back of the throat. k I hear it from a real life friend in Winnipeg.  Caregivers use it in the Rehab Hospital, predominantly women, to acknowledge they are actively listening, even if I’m mansplaining, usually

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My New Left Foot

Getting ready.  Getting it on! Walking! I hear the 2001 song, “Also Sprach Zarathustra,” was it?  Suitable I think for the Grand Duke of Delusion to stand up and walk. Ron was the good person and my PT for my first tender steps.  I spent the morning familiarizing myself with the Rehab Hospital. I’m up

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I was so excited about my new left foot I forgot to take pictures! A bit squeezy, until I was standing. That’s right, standing on not quite my own two feet. I walked in-between the handrails for testing and nearly worked up a sweat. I surely will in rehab. I am now on the waiting

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