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You want it darker?

Saturday, October 27, 2018 I was wound up Friday, happy to share soup with my friends, my cousin Anneli and her husband Addy. It was a pleasant visit though stories of preachers’ kids and missionary kids were exchanged. The harshness of parents choosing the work of the Lord and neglecting their own children. Of the

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My Right Foot

For one brief moment I thought my uric acid levels had regained acceptable levels, so stopped taking my Allpurinol medication. A week or so later this is what my remaining foot looked like. My uric acid levels were at acceptable levels because of my medication not because of eating more carefully and not drinking. Once

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Notes Re writing today

Have been able to write and work on my website for second or third day in a row. I have to be somewhat cautious, as usually there is a crash that follows, but always, well what if there isn’t? Many influences today, contributing to my writing which includes correspondence with my siblings and friends. Hoping

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MT 6. Further Inland

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MT 4. Leaving the River

Dragon Dogs Packed and upon us they thinned our ranks. We flailed about with dead limbs dry sticks. We threw stones dung and clods of dust dried with blood of our children. Their stink all that was left the sun couldn’t burn away.     Leaving the river Food from unfamiliar trees Accident, the lack

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My Cod Piece from the Waterfront

ICELANDIC COD I stop at the meat and fish counter, seeing Icelandic Cod for sale. I  wonder what makes this cod Icelandic? Maybe somebody behind the counter can tell me what makes this Cod Icelandic. Now this is a large chain grocery store it’s true, but it’s in Gimli, once known as New Iceland….Partly I

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What Men Do A.

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BEWARE THE NAKED MAN Clothes get on my nerves. My sciatic nerve particularly. My back is degenerate, like mortal and pestle grinding my cartilage to dust. The nerves make me squeal, any waistband or belt draws the pain into my groin. Be aware of the naked man, spread-eagled on 400 thread cotton sweat shop sheets,

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Welcome to my degeneration

I carry these two reports with me in case I need to persuade others, especially those in the medical profession, of my pain. Long story short, I have inherited bad cartilage genetics. These reports indicate the likelihood of disc degenerative disease, which means my discs are collapsing and pinching many nerves, including the classic sciatic

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Works in Progress

Reading, Listening, Research and Development The admonition to “write what you know,”  also means to learn and know more. Use your imagination…sure, but stoke it regularly with art, writing, and music to keep your work fresh. There are several streams of my work on this site that are just setting out, Boundary Creek as a

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