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Reading Dates Location Time   September 27 Calgary Loft112 7:00   September 29 Abbotsford Clearbrook Library 2:00pm – 3:30pm   October 3 Vancouver Massy Books 6:00pm   October 5 Victoria JB Coffee & Books 2:00pm – 3:30pm   October 9 or 10 Sechelt TBA TBA   October 20   Gimli Johnson Hall 2:00pm   Radiant

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I crash my wheelchair into the dresser, my mirror jumps, sweeps the cds off the top of the stereo lands just so, not breaking, landing enough on the bed not to shatter, but shaking loose in the frame, with nothing to reflect except the spackled ceiling. My mirror rests, no more selves to see, nothing

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I’ve been away from my dear website, off chasing rainbows with delusional projects I can’t persuade arts agency  jurors to support. Usually they’ve never seen anything like it before, are suspicious of old dogs with new tricks, or they underestimate what I can do while still being chronically depressed and ill with lousy cartilage genetics,

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BREATHING THROUGH MY EARS My listening continues to gravitate to classical recordings with heady mix of jazz and blues and rock. Late string quartets by Shubert and Beethoven have my attention, as does Shubert’s Piano Sonata in G reaching for peace. Schubert and Beethoven’s late quartets were a revelation, thanks to Tom Allen and CBC.

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My Right Foot

For one brief moment I thought my uric acid levels had regained acceptable levels, so stopped taking my Allpurinol medication. A week or so later this is what my remaining foot looked like. My uric acid levels were at acceptable levels because of my medication not because of eating more carefully and not drinking. Once

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My Cod Piece from the Waterfront

ICELANDIC COD I stop at the meat and fish counter, seeing Icelandic Cod for sale. I  wonder what makes this cod Icelandic? Maybe somebody behind the counter can tell me what makes this Cod Icelandic. Now this is a large chain grocery store it’s true, but it’s in Gimli, once known as New Iceland….Partly I

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I Dreamed I Met Justin Trudeau

Last night I dreamed I met Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in an almost empty Winnipeg Hudson’s Bay building. I explained a problem about needing new shoes for my feet, one real, one fake. I wanted real shoes, perhaps not as fancy as his, but leather white-collar shoes, black, brown, no matter. Not sandals, not sneakers,

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Published Last week in Jerry Jazz Musician

Revelation The light on the road to Chicago turns us toward each other, stories full in our mouths. There is room in the Volkswagen for what we need, growing in the music of Al Green and Norah Jones. Reaching ahead of our selves, we hold hands as the dusk settles her skirt around us, we

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My Daily Fog

short k Hearing the k move from text messages, short for ok, to everyday speech, said quickly and shortly from the back of the throat. k I hear it from a real life friend in Winnipeg.  Caregivers use it in the Rehab Hospital, predominantly women, to acknowledge they are actively listening, even if I’m mansplaining, usually

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Quotation and Recommended Reading

The Letterwriter “If I am out of my mind, it’s all right with me,” thought Moses Herzog.  Some people thought he was cracked and for a time he himself had doubted that he was all there. But n0w, though he still behaved oddly, he felt confident, cheerful, clairvoyant and     strong. He had fallen under a

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