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Measuring Down

SIT DOWN – a poem by George Bowering Oh, yeah, I’m tired of “despair”. I thought I was tired of despair before I shared it. Giving you a little & me a little, & a little for whatever person askt. I mean despair as a poetic theme before it gets to be a poetic theme, […]

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Watching Sports on TV

    In a recent team-building exercise at work we were asked to list three things our colleagues didn’t know about us, with one of the facts being bogus to make a game of it. I noted I watch golf on the weekends. This is true, while my claim to have read the Dragon Tattoo […]

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My Strombecker Christmas

I was a big fan of Christmas, even though I knew there was no Santa Clause. My Dad not so much, largely because of the commercialization of the season even in the sixties, and because he knew it was really just a Christian adaptation of a pagan holiday. Easter was the most important event on […]

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Susann’s First Car

My mother bought her first car, a model T I think, when she was 19 in her first year of teaching, breaking every rule in her conservative Mennonite family’s rulebook. This did not phase my dad who cycled to visit on Sundays, and stayed for vaspa, as was the custom. She drove him home after […]

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V8 283 Cubic Inch Chevy Engine

I bought my parent’s Studebaker when I worked as a copy boy at the Winnipeg Tribune, after one week as a teenage runaway living in a third floor Toronto garret, close to St. Clair & Yonge, with my trumpet and my typewriter. I could make the tires squeal in first and second gear, and it […]

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Muddy Waters At the Wheel Dream

  Muddy Waters is at the wheel of a luxurious new 1978 Lincoln Continental. I am in the passenger seat. I am giving him directions to the perimeter and number 75 Highway, because I am accompanying him on this road trip to Chicago where he hangs his hat. I realize I have left my passport […]

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S is for Studebaker

new in Vicipedia today!  

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