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Get Thee To A Sanctuary (Dream)

I was recruited to speak with two other ministers in a church multiplex, I guess in the Mennonite one, also Baptists, Lutheran and United, church sanctuary options. The Catholics and the Anglicans had their own, but all overshadowed by iChurch with it’s own gigantic sanctuary appealing to the telechurched. All in the big box territory […]

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I’d Rather Have a Bottle in Front of Me (dream)

Back in the Misercordia Hospital, on a ward weeping, deeply depressed.  The doctors recommend lobotomy as the best choice for my recovery. There is no answer when I call home. I don’t know who else to call.  I draw the line at joining the others in sleeping bags on the floor.(lLights fade to black.)  

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Nicaraguan Consolation (Dream)

Last night I dreamed I was consoling a woman in Nicaragua, offering her my  protection, love,  and care. Offering to bring her with me back to Canada, to the consternation of her family, who had been unable to convince the pregnant woman to name the father of her expected child. I was not the father, […]

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My Imaginary City – Fish Market (Dream)

On the quest for whisky I arrive at a converted warehouse on the harbour, seeking a bar I’ve looked for before and found twice in the east Exchange. One time it was deserted without customers or staff, on another, crowded and too expensive for anything but a visit to the washroom. Third time lucky, and […]

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Rapid Transit (Dream)

Visited my (alternate) Winnipeg in my dreams again last night, as always, with somewhere to go. I wheel down to the end of Westminster, and turn right because the rapid transit bus embarkation station is adjacent to the Granite Curling Club. With just  enough money to board, I leave my clothes and my wheelchair behind. […]

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Piss on ’em (Dream)

I  piss into a urinal in the east side main floor john in University Centre at the University of Manitoba. I am alone in the room. My new hearing aids, in my shirt pocket,  fall or jump (I’m still waiting for the forensics report), into the urinal. In mid-leak there is nothing I can do […]

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Family Reunion (It was only a dream)

I drive my sister to a family re-union – our mother’s family, but the event is not located in southern Manitoba as I expected – in my green Studebaker. We are driving north on a two lane highway that reappears often in my dreams. I don’t have many recurring dreams, but recurring themes, geography, highways […]

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Father and Son Dreaming

Last night I dreamt my father and me set out from Fort Richmond, down Pembina Highway and Highway 75,  one dark Friday early spring evening.  The snow and dirt being washed away by driving rain,  the wind whipping our faces, and our long coats flapping behind us as we rode our CMC coaster fixed gear […]

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The Shootist Orders Breakfast

I travel unfamiliar roads, uncertain of my destination bumping along in  squealing oxcart, much to my embarrassment.  I desire to be a man that can kill and clean game without leavings in the flatland territories. Hah, I say, I always say, hah in my dreams. All in green riding Where’s my horse? I could be driving […]

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Buy Nothing Day Dream

I’ve forgotten the dream I had about sleeping in the river with the fishes, the first time I’ve ever had a dream starting in a poem instead of the other way around. But dreamt another dream last night. I have recurring dreams about grocery stores, which are now usually too big for me unless I am […]

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