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Libby’s Crunchola

I reposted the Pound summary because I was checking on Libby’s Crunchola recipe. They were posted on the same day. This is my last bulk cooking assignment to prepare for my recovery at home.  Lynn and me enjoyed this granola on one of our Toronto sleepovers visiting friends Ian and Iarra in their Runcesvaille home. […]

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Some Things = Quality of Life

As I set up house-keeping, here’s some things I can not do without in my kitchen. A Pyrex two cup measure. A pitcher or jug, a juicer. The blender is perfect without taking up a lot of room. Biggest success with it early on has been pureeing leek and potato soup. Heck, I might  even […]

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Sweet Hot & Sour Sauce for Ribs

So, a new version of an old Joy of Cooking recipe for (hot) sweet and sour sauce that doesn’t involve ketchup or pineapple. Couldn’t find the cookbook so decided I remembered enough to make it out of my head. The ingredients you’ll need in addition to the pork sweet and sour ribs are: 3/4 cup […]

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Imaginary Conversation – Pain Joins Me for Dinner

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Libby’s Crunchola Recipe

Lynn and me enjoyed this granola on one of our Toronto sleepovers visiting friends Ian and Iarra in their Runcesvaille home. Ian got this recipe from Libby. I eat a lot of porridge most mornings and this is a lovely change still using a lot of oats and even more good stuff. Works wonders with […]

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Another Soup Recipe (Beef & Barley)

I’ve got a chicken, onion, carrots, celery, bay leaves, peppercorns, making the stock I like to use for (mennonite) (komst)  borscht, the way my mother taught me. You can find the recipe here. I’ve learned to make another two soups over the winter. A lightly curried butternut squash and my first beef and barley soup. […]

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Got to have some laundry detergent Body wash too, (cause baby) I wanna make clean love with you. We need some veg and some meat (yes we do) to roast or grill on the charcoal barbecue. I could go for some fresh pasta, Argentinean sausage too – we have enough pesto I’d love to mix […]

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Brokken for Breakfast

I was introduced to coffee  before I was five,  like many Mennonite children mid-20th century. Home baked white bread, past its prime freshness, but not yet stale, was torn into pieces in a cereal bowl. Hot black drip coffee was poured over the bread, soaking it through and leaving a small puddle at the bottom. […]

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Tale of Two Soups

Minestrone We’ve just finished the large batch of minestrone I made last Saturday.  I haven’t got it quite right because it’s just a bit too thick, and I’d rather make ratatouille if I’m making vegetable stew.  It’s based on and old Moosewood (Mollie Katzen) recipe.  I was fortunate enough, one spring to stop at the […]

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Got gout?

Seems I have. It turns out I really am too full of piss and vinegar! The disease of kings, youngest sons in early English novels, and unrelenting carnivores. I have learned it is a combination of genetics, poor diet, lack of exercise, and too much beer and whiskey. The beer and yes, even the whiskey […]

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