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My Left Foot

The word amputation makes us flinch After a rare year without surgery I have a below the left knee amputation scheduled at the HSC on March 26, 2018. My left foot can bear no weight, and I have plenty. The foot is ever more deformed; this picture goes back to August. Stage Four Flat Foot […]

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Stumble Bum

What I have in common with Brian Pallister Premier of Manitoba Size 15 shoes. My Left Foot and Ankle I’m unsuccessfully trying to ignore continuing bad news on the health front.  My left ankle fusion has officially been pronounced a failure, only the third in three hundred. Options range from do nothing, and increase pain […]

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Imaginary Conversation – Pain Joins Me for Dinner

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The Idea Factory

This weekend I was thinking of ideas that would prevent me from skinning my knuckles in a cheese/carrot grater, and a way to use compressed air or pneumatic/hydraulics for lifting wheelchairs a short height, like the one to the stage at Sam’s Place. I figure the good people at Sam’s will likely find something to […]

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Old Bones And New Normals

1. I crossed Portage Avenue from Fort to Notre Dame pushing against a harsh wind coming from the North. The winter of 2009 was notable for its cold and ice. I was looking at my feet, watching my steps, when I spotted a toonie and a loonie on the ice of the avenue. I bent […]

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My New Brace


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Staying Alive! My Body, My Self.

I’m back to taking Percocet waiting for my carpal tunnels to be scraped and my ankles replaced. The last Percocet post on my site was January 2014, not as long ago as I thought. The last full post regarding my depression and mental health was in 2012, a lot further back than I thought. This […]

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Waiting for Dr. Hammond Redux

My left foot started to hurt again after Christmas, and now it really hurts. On a scale from1 to 10 its a ? Depends on the time of day, and what medication I have taken. I took my foot (along with the rest of me)  to the best foot surgeon in Winnipeg yesterday.  He did  […]

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What’s new in Vicipedia – M is for Mennonite Meditation

 Click MBSR or paste    

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