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Staying Alive! My Body, My Self.

I’m back to taking Percocet waiting for my carpal tunnels to be scraped and my ankles replaced. The last Percocet post on my site was January 2014, not as long ago as I thought. The last full post regarding my depression and mental health was in 2012, a lot further back than I thought. This […]

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Waiting for Dr. Hammond Redux

My left foot started to hurt again after Christmas, and now it really hurts. On a scale from1 to 10 its a ? Depends on the time of day, and what medication I have taken. I took my foot (along with the rest of me)  to the best foot surgeon in Winnipeg yesterday.  He did  […]

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What’s new in Vicipedia – M is for Mennonite Meditation

 Click MBSR or paste    

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Straightening out my toes

My excellent foot surgeon, Dr. Alan Hammond, performed his second surgery on my right foot on Friday. He previously fused some bones in each foot  building arches were there had been none, correcting Stage Four Flat Foot. This recent surgery corrected a very bad case of hammertoes, which he  fixed by cutting the tendons in […]

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MWG Writer-in-Residence Blog  

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Luna & Alice

There’s a couple of things I liked in Margaret Atwood’s dystopian novels. The blue people with the big penises being one. Not for their penises alone, but because they were healers by “purring on people.” Luna spent many an hour purring on me in the 18 months of surgery and rehab, lying in the crook […]

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Oxycontin Rules

Oxycontin Rules I’m a Lucky Man. I’ve taken oxycontin for about 13 months without addiction. I heard horror stories almost every time I mentioned I was taking oyxcontin (Percocet its brand name, oxycodone the label on my empty bottle) to anyone. Family disasters, from the psych ward to the street.  I can’t help but think […]

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Skin & Bone: Operation Hip Replacement

(Constructed, reconstructed,  from notes in my Journal)  Thursday, June 13, 2013 All set for my total hip replacement surgery tomorrow morning. Made leek and potato soup for supper. Lights out, now, listening to Leonard. Alarm set for 6:45. Friday, June 14, 2013 I still find it disconcerting showing up for a major surgery on the […]

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Skin & Bone : WHRA Response

I hate when this happens.  Haven’t figured out how to make the scan big enough to read when it opens on my site.  Also when the answer is no.

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Skin and Bone: WHRA Request

May 8, 2013 Victor Enns 200 Lenore Street Winnipeg, MB R3G 2C5 [email protected]  204.774.9560  Dr. Jerry Gray, Chair Winnipeg Health Regional  Authority (WHRA) 4th Floor, 650 Main Street Winnipeg, Manitoba R3B 1E2 Canada Fax: 204-926-7007 Dear Dr. Gray;  I write to ask permission and support for art photographer Richard Hines to attend my scheduled hip […]

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