Jimmy Bang’s Conversations with George

A cat, a cane, loose pants. A portrait of George Bataille by Balthus.

As a young man

There are many Georges.

Conversation with George Bataille

Who are you
There’s a name to live up to
I play a little game
I lie about the pain
the victim does the same
That’s unhelpful.
From where were your parents.
Russia, first Germany, Enns River.
You claim to be Russian German and a pacifist!?
Well I’m ambivalent about my pacifism,
war is usually more interesting than a Sunday sermon.
or should I say was, not, is,
why what’s happened
war is getting boring, no glory in using a joy stick
to direct rockets and bombs
what’s a joy stick
anything but
though violence scares me, I’m tired
of the everyday, pain is the name of the game
live it or kill it love it or kill it pain is it you know
for sure,
but for the ecstasy Victor
well let’s see George
I have a switch a willow switch
to beat you, senseless senselessly
I want to see the back of you George,

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