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Hydro LobbyThe Ministry of Empty Spaces

I propose an installation of public and private empty spaces, as we do less in-person, and shun institutions, those spaces empty. Rural depopulation. Empty churches. University lounges after hours, when not in session. Lobbies after dark. The Hudson Bay Store. Theaters when not in production, which can be most of the time. Funeral homes. Churches and Synagogues.

CMU2images I propose to become the Minister of Empty Spaces, appearing intermittently to celebrate their emptiness,  documenting emptiness, taking pictures of emptiness; working against my own instincts and make nothing happen, refusing even to read, write, meditate or be mindful.  Sitting, standing, lying.
Until somebody walks in. Then I get up and leave.

Iconoclasts Incorporated

Not original I admit, as one of the members of General Idea actually served as a corporate iconoclast in the hip Toronto of the seventies. Stripped down, prairie lean and mean, only receptionist, and a rental agent, three shifts of 8 hours/24/7. Mobile apps. Get your Corporate Iconoclast Now! Offer 30 minutes or their thinking  is free service. Iconoclasts supply their own box, or will accept yours. In-person service only. No wankers.




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  1. Posted February 24, 2017 at 12:00 am | Permalink

    You have my vote for Minister of Empty Space. Is that what you mean. not to be mixup with Ministry of Empty Spaces.
    Enlighten me is it the same?

    • Victor
      Posted February 27, 2017 at 2:06 am | Permalink

      huh. yes. when I am in an empty space I am the minister of that particular empty space, with my nameplate Minister of Empty Spaces. But mostly I need an editor. Ministers have platoons of minions writing and editing every word, which is great for print and websites, and with no hesitation on the Minister’s part to disown the words he had to approve at least twice, and blame a minion or two. If it’s a speech though, many Ministers delight in pointing to the two or three pages double spaced 14 point, saying “They wrote all this verbiage for me, but I rather speak from the heart.”

      Helma I hereby deputize you as the Deputy Minister of Empty Spaces, though I might need a director of Twits and Tweets!

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