My birth story as told by Susann with 2nns

When I was due to arrive I went to Winnipeg to stay at my second “home” – the Fasts. It took our baby Vic. three weeks to decide to make it into this world. During these weeks I did a lot of walking. I walked all the way from 21 Emily Street, where the Fasts had now relocated, to the Garrick Theater located across from the Hudson Bay store at the corner of Portage and Osborne. (Omitted from this story is her walking that distance to see the movie version of Gone with the Wind). Taxi drivers would often stop to offer me a lift to the hospital.

At the Concordia Hospital on Sunday, April 3, (my Dad’s birthday) at 10 a.m. our baby Vic made his entrance into the world. He weighed in at 10 lbs 1 oz. Concordia Hospital at that time was located on the Red River near theRedwood Bridge. The future Dr. Loewen’s wife occupied a bed beside mine in the same ward. Her husband, “Bill”, was taking second year Medicine. —

Victor was the first baby Dr. Warkentin delivered in Winnipeg and has always been very fond of him. We took Victor home to Gretna on April 10th, Easter Sunday. It was a beautiful warm day. Tina Elias from Blumenfeld came to give me a hand with chores, etc.

(Below: I’m having an ice cream as Margaret and Garry watch. This picture is at the front of my poetry collection boy published in 2012.

The second year in Gretna went on very much the same way. I agreed to tutor Ken Martens, an M.C.I. Grade 9 student. Ken came from Winnipeg and was permitted to take Grade 9 on the condition that he would have a tutor to give him some extra help. — I had written my University of Manitoba English II Exam that spring. This was just ten days after I had come out of the hospital.
I suppose I was too weak and didn’t make it.







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