I’m celebrating Christmas by listening to music, reading and writing. These I happily do alone. On Thursday, the 27th I’ll be spending the day with family and I’m looking forward to that.None of this is very hard, and I’ve lowered my family’s expectation to reduce any anxiety levels over the holiday. The only difficulty is trying to explain to others, some who are spending the holiday alone, and others that are looking forward to a large family gathering, that I’m “not doing” anything for Christmas. So I’m listening to all 0f Beethoven’s symphonies, many concertos and all his string quartets if there is time. So I have a project, and everybody is happy. What I don’t say is “I’m working,”well I did that, but only once, clearly crazy talk. Nor do I say I’m working on two profane manuscripts that I’m scheduling to run to the end of January. I hope to have most of the existing writing up on the website by 2019. 


The advertisement in German on the right promises the cheapest fares from Glasgow to  Chicago. So begins The Crossing as I move forward on my Involuntary Tongue project. Initial posts included a series of video scripts, Angst a black & white film script, and Mother Tongue in English and German translation. For a paltry $1.00 or $1.50 a month you can have it all!


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