Poetry Month in the Interlake (New Idea for)

APRIL 28 – 30 ….(next year country….)

“To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour.”
from “Auguries of Innocence” by William Blake

“Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana.”
– Groucho Marx

April is Poetry Month – “Time” is the theme for this year chosen by the League of Canadian poets.
Presented by the Lake Winnipeg Writers’ Group



Friday evening ; Opening Ta Das! ! (Tazz?, Dig Na Tories)
Poetry Film Night: 8:00 pm hosted by the Gimli Film Festival, Winnipeg Film Group with Dave Barber at  Gimli Movie Theatre (alternately an afternoon matinee.)
Friday: 9:00 Comedy Poetry Night:  hosted by Lara Rae at the Ship & Plough


Saturday Morning: Asking for Money presentation by Victor Enns, Followed by presentations by major funders, Q & A. Don’t think we’re ready for a pitch session involving publishers this year.
Saturday morning: (concurrent Programming) Peanut Butter Press Authors at Robin’s Donuts
Saturday Afternoon, 1:00 pm Tweens and Teens, TBA, but featuring the winners of next year’s poetry contest, awards
Blues Poetry Jam, 2:30
Ship & Plough, Duncan Mercredi, Victor Enns, Blues musician to be named later
Saturday night: Program one: 7 PM Aspire Keynote: Rosanna Deerchild (as long as she wants, and whoever she wants with her as 2nd reader)
Saturday night, Program two 8:30 Aspire: ABC: George Amabile, Di Brandt, Dennis Cooley (Can also be flipped with Deerchild’s reading.
Saturday night after party at Ship and Plough


Sunday morning: 10:00 am Allah, God, and Goddesses Spiritual Poetry, hosted by Luann Hiebert
Readings, Workshop, Panel, maybe sponsored by Providence college and/or CMU. Flatland Coffee
Sunday Afternoon:In Dialogue: Poetry and conversation with Miera Cook and Maurice Mierau, Flatland Coffee
Sunday evening; 7:30 Open Mic, Ship & Plough, LWWG, ANNOUNCEMENT OF POETRY CONTEST WINNERS,
hosted by Victor Enns.
Interlake Gimli Klean-All Laundromat Poet-in-Residence.

Please Note: This in an idea only, but with enough hands on deck it could be a worth-while addition to the Gimli Events Calendar in 2018. This is a low-budget event under $3,000, mostly reading fees. Ideally you would want to bring in some people from outside Manitoba, to be at the Festival for the weekend perhaps doing a (Spoken Word) Workshop (Jillian Christmas, for example) and a featured reading.  Maybe that’s year 2 (2019) and a $10,000.00 event.


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