SUSANN WITH 2NNS – from her memoirs


Since I didn’t teach, we decided to have our third baby. We continued with Dr. Warkentin in Winkler for the time being. Margaret and Garry attended the Gretna Public School in Grades 6 and 3 respectively. It was a very busy year with re-establishing ourselves in our first “new” home. Frank was very busy at the M.C.I. as well as with ministerial work with the Lena Church as well as taking his turns with the other locations of what was know as the Whitewater Mennonite Church. Belonging to this were the local groups at Manitou, Crystal City, Mather, Lena, Ninga, Boissevain and Rivers. This was the farthest location situated north of Brandon. He was also involved with the Manitoba Mennonite Youth Organization, with church radio programs and with the M.C.I. student broadcasts. This also meant that I often had to look after the home chores by myself when Frank was busy with one or the other of these activities.

So I decided to take some University courses by correspondence. (Of course! interjects me, wouldn’t everybody?) I also tutored or “home schooled” our neighbor’s daughter, Karen Klassen, in Grade 1. The Mennonite Ladies’ Auxiliary and the Women’s Institute of Gretna also had me involved. Taking care of the milk and cleaning a large old house to make it habitable entailed a lot of work. 

With Margaret and Garry being at the old Public School there were some projects connected with that institution which claimed my attention on occasion. Week-end visitors were also a common occurrence. Dr. Warkentin had moved to Winnipeg and opened a practice there. We decided to stay with him for the duration of my pregnancy and so I had to make the occasional trip to the city for a check-up. Mother was very happy to see us that much closer. Frank was fond of gardening and besides the fruit trees he planted raspberries, gooseberries and strawberries. Our yard was located beside the railway track and during the sugar beet season it was a bit noisy. Some farmers also used our street to drive their trucks to the Paterson Elevator.


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