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Baby Doll jpeg_face0Vic was a good-looking, handsome, healthy boy. Impatience was and still seems to be one of his characteristics. I used the carriage downstairs for his noon naps and the crib upstairs for the night. One September day I had put him to sleep in the carriage and left it in the living room. He had just learned to walk. I had decided to carry out a pail of water for washing the car.

I went back in immediately and to my shock I heard him howling down in the basement. He had managed to toddle to the basement door which I had not locked with the hook. He must have pushed the door and when it gave way he lost his balance and toppled down stairs. His face was black and blue on one side. I took him to Dr. Boreskie at once. No bones had been broken but it was a most frightening experience. And I had vowed that this baby would not fall down stairs as Garry had.

As a one year old Garry had also followed me down the cellar stairs in house at Lena. I had put a pot of hot water on the cellar stirs to cool for later use. He tripped over it and scalded his leg. The other time he came down the stairs at the John Neufelds house head first managing to stay upright with legs high in the air until I caught him a few steps up from the bottom. On another occasion we were visiting at Uncle Abe Enns’s and there were some other children romping around. In one place there were two doors close together and, in trying to elude the others, he took the wrong door – into the basement.

He had a nasty cut over his eye. — Only Marg did not seem to be quite as athletic!

Well, Vic got better again and as he got older he tried going down the stairs from the second floor. I had already placed my large heavy trunk across the top of the stairs as a barricade. But in an unguarded moment he climbed over the trunk and made his jaunt downwards!Watermelon and Rollkuchen

By the time Margaret was twelve and a half years old, she was finished with Grade 8 and entered the M.C.I. Of course she was the youngest student in the school and occasionally had to take some ribbing from her classmates. This did not seem to bother her much and she soon showed them that she was mature enough to be first in class. Margaret was ten years older than Vic and was quite a lot of help in taking care of him especially when I went back to teaching. The M.C.I. did not have school on Monday but on Saturday instead. This meant that she would be home on Mondays and I would be home on Saturdays.

thumb_Watermelon and Rollkuchen_face0

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