Video It 3. Where’s my horse


  1. Where’s my horse?


Mother’s dress vanishes out the back
door, seen too late, out of the corner
of her boy’s eye. She gets away, clean

this time after time
the six year-old
cowboy gets on his

spring horse palomino
rides it, rides it
into the ground.



Storyboard/Shot sequence: Scene 3

  1. Camera: (Shoot from behind) The Boy turns his blonde head.
    2. Camera: (From Boy’s POV) We see what the boy sees, catch just a glimpse
    of a fifties shirt slipping through a screen door. Screen door slam   :

Camera: The boy mounts his spring horse &

  1. Camera: rides
  2. Camera: rides it into the ground. Shot fades out like music:                                            
  3. Squeaky springs of a spring rocking horse                                      :Sound 



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