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The admonition to “write what you know,”  also means to learn and know more. Use your imagination…sure, but stoke it regularly with art, writing, and music to keep your work fresh.

Ehnes Quartet Cover of Shubert’s Death & the Maiden

There are several streams of my work on this site that are just setting out, Boundary Creek as a trilogy, and What Men Do as a collection of short stories. The pain room has been percolating for a couple of years and there is plenty of “narrative shrapnel,”a vivid description of my work coined by Murray Toews, a regular collaborator for visuals. One of the reasons I’m running this as as a pay as you go site is to pay developers, designers, illustrators and eventually animators given enough funding.

The music of Schubert played by home boy James Ehnes and the quartet is exquisite. I’ve used the term fall before (an example; this idea fell on me) or it came to me, because my brain is a fractured machine you can tell just by this sentence. Today Renata revealed herself to me. No idea what name I had originally given her.

Tom Allen played the second movement, most closely related to the song “Death and the Maiden,” which Schubert composed 20 years earlier. He composed the quartet knowing he was terminally ill and would die. So I am given an image of Renata listening to the quartet on a gramophone the only company she has, hidden away away upstairs in the house where her entire family barely admit to her existence, and don’t see her, passing messages when needed by the maid. Renata is pregnant, and the father of the child to be has been given his walking papers by the Institute where Renata was a student.  This will be a scene in Boundary Creek.

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